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Eyelash Extensions
in Oshawa

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Classic Set of Eyelashe Extensions

Classic Set


This is a regular set of Classic eyelash extensions and includes 1-1 one eyelash extension to one of your natural eyelashes. This is a popular choice for someone who just wants a little extra without the mascara. 

Two-week fill: $50

Three-week fill: $60

Flirty YY Set

Flirty Set


This set uses the YY lashes.  We can have the look of double your lashes 1-2  Each of your natural lashes gets the look of two lashes.  This gives a more full and flirty look.

**By far the most popular**

Two-week fill: $75

Three-week fill: $85

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume Lashes


This set uses anywhere from three to five volume lashes upon each one of your natural lashes. It's a good choice if you want to glam it up a bit but still want to look professional 

Two-week fill: $80

Three-week fill: $100

Mega Volume Set of eyelashes

Mega Volume  Lashes


This set includes from five to ten volume lashes on each of your natural lashes to create dramatic eyes that will knock everyone's socks off. This set is incredibly full and luscious. In order to have this set, you must have strong healthy lashes that can support them. We do use a very light eyelash extension but I will not put this set on you if I don't think your natural lashes can handle them.

Two-week fill: $125

Three-week fill: $150

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Sat-Sun: 10am - 4pm

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