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Express Mani

$18 / 20 mins

Pressed for time but still need a pick me up? This manicure is sure to bring a smile to your day! 

First we start with polish remover and shaping of your natural nails.  Your hands are placed in a smoothing & cleansing salt soak.  Cuticle softener is applied and cuticles are pampered. Sensual lotion is massaged onto the hands for soft hydrating & radiant skin.  Your nails are topped off with a nail strengthener if you do not want to add polish.

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Spa Mani

$25 / 40 mins

It's time to relax and indulge your hands while you sit back in tranquillity. This Spa Manicure has everything that the Express Manicure has, plus an exfoliation scrub that is gently massaged onto the skin to smooth and reveal soft skin. Skin lightening serum is applied if needed or wanted on any age spots. A wonderful massage follows on hands & arms, with sensual lotion for soft, hydrated & radiant skin. 

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Luxury Spa Mani

$35 / 60 mins

Take your manicure to the next level with the luxury spa manicure, which includes everything from the express and spa manicures, plus a gentle hand peal to micro-exfoliate your arms and hands. Grapeseed oil is sprayed on, rubbed in and covered with plastic gloves and warm mittens. You'll be able to sit back and relax while this is soaked into your skin, adding a sensual sensation to your hard-working hands. Then, the most luxurious deep dermal wrap is applied. You will be given some relaxing time for this to soak into your skin with warm heavenly mitts. You will be then given an extended hand and arm massage with body butter. 

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Express Pedi

$28 / 20 mins

When you're on a time crunch, this is the perfect solution! This pedicure starts off with nail polish remover and cuticle maintenance.  Then, you'll have a relaxing soak in a fragrant salt bath followed by some callus relief. Once your feet are in tip-top shape, you're given a foot massage and topped off with nail strengthener if you don't choose to add polish.

Mani Pedi

Spa Pedi

$35 / 40 mins

Give your feet a break from it all.  This pedicure will let your feet know they are loved for everything that they do. This Spa Pedicure has everything from the Express Pedicure with an added exfoliating sea salt massage. Once your legs are smooth we will smooth out the calluses on your feet. Then comes a relaxing foot and leg massage with luxurious body butter. This will make those legs and feet feel incredible!


Luxury Spa Pedi

$45 / 60 mins

Your feet deserve luxury pampering. This luxurious spa pedicure has everything from the Express and Spa Pedicure but adds a vitamin-enriched deep dermal wrap. This is left to sit and soak into your skin with warm booties. Afterwards, you'll receive an extended foot and leg massage that will leave you a bit wobbly if you tried to stand.  You will be in heaven while indulging in a retreat for your feet.

Express Mani & Pedi $45


Mani & Pedi $53

Luxury Spa Mani & Pedi $70

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Gel Nails


Fill $30

Dipped Nails


Fill $29

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